It’s time to scale up and automate your wholesaling business!


When I started out wholesaling, everything I did was very manual.  Everything from writing down the phone numbers I needed to call back, to texting all of my contacts and requesting comps/texting property information, printing out CMA’s and contracts, scanning everything and keeping physical folders for each property….the list goes on!!


It was time to EVOLVE my wholesaling business, and make it do all of the work for me.


Want to Automate Your Real Estate Wholesaling Business?


Wholesale Hacker will help you close MORE deals FASTER!  Here are a few highlights of the automation:

  1. Totally automate your direct mail campaigns.  This includes tracking your success per each campaign with different phone numbers.
  2. 100% consolidation of all leads, offers, and deals into one easy and manageable location.  Laptop and Smart Phone accessible!
  3. VOIP service, website submission, etc. integration into your lead funnel consolidation system.  Never miss an opportunity!
  4. Know your numbers FAST.  Quick and accurate calculations built in (including repair estimates) to know what your initial offer should be, and your Max Allowable Offer!
  5. Automatic market analysis for each property.  Property Comps, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Sq.Ft, Tax Assessment value, Rent Estimate, ARV Estimate, etc – All automatic for EACH property.
  6. Market all of your deals to buyers with the click of a button!
  7. Automatically send offers to sellers, and assignment contracts to buyers.  100% Esignature automation for your Purchase and Sale agreements, as well as your assignment contracts.
  8. Automatic CRM!  Custom Text and Email Drip campaigns, as well as follow up reminders BUILT IN!
  9. All in one communication via SMS and Email between Contacts, Leads, Buyers, and Attorneys.



Do You Want To Have This Wholesale Automation Too?

Building this system has taken me countless hours and long nights.  The amount of work it took to understand the systems I needed to use, the research to tie it all together, and the trial and error through months of wholesaling felt endless.  But…I have done it, and now I can do it for you!

Think about it, the average wholesale fee is $5,000.  How many more deals can you do if you had the automated system you just watched in the video?  It makes your life a whole lot easier, and it will give you the capability of scaling up and doing more deals.  This system can give you an instant 5x return on your money with just one deal!


This System Can Be Yours!!


Other Systems: $255+ per month, minimum. (Service + all supporting functions)

Wholesale Hacker Options:

Features Wholesale Hacker
Detailed Users Manual Yes
Automated Direct Mail Campaigns Yes
Organize All of Your Contacts Yes
VOIP Integration Yes
Website Integration Yes
Automatic Lead Generation Yes
Automatic Zillow Property Info Yes
Automatic Property Comps Yes
Automated CRM (Follow Up and Drip Campaigns) Yes
Automated Appointment Scheduling Yes
Send Contract for Digital Signatures

(All Cash, Owner Financing, Subject to, and Assignment Contracts)

Automatically Mail PDF Offers (USPS) Yes
Deal Sharing Capabilities (with buyers) Yes
Automatic Email Contracts to Title Company/Closing Attorney Yes
Automatic Schedule Closing Appointment Yes
Track Profit and Revenue of Company Yes
Automatic Data Transfer Through Podio Yes
External Email Capability Yes
Assigned Team Member Roles For Easy Scale Up Yes
Automatic Tasks, Messages, and Reminders Yes
Consolidated Lead Organization Yes
Use on Laptop or Mobile Device Yes
Pricing Contact for Pricing



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I look forward to working with you to build your wholesale automation system, so that you can close more deals!