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Wholesale Automation Package - Wholesale Hacker


How Much Does This System Cost?

All of the automated features you saw in the video require support software in order to make it work.  This is what I build for you!  I charge a flat fee to build the system you just saw (contact me for more info), but there are monthly costs that are associated with each type of automation.


Depending on the features that you want, the monthly pricing for the support systems will vary.  It’s likely that you’re already paying for some of these systems, so those costs will be “the same.”


I look at these prices per month and think “How many hours would it take me to manually do all of the same things?  Are the monthly fees worth more than that amount of time?”  Time is money!

Support Functions Wholesale Hacker Select Wholesale Hacker Premier Custom Build
Podio + Globiflow $24/mo $24/mo (Can Do)
VOIP Service $10 – 30/mo (Can Do)
Website Service $10 – $50/mo (Can Do)
Lob (USPS Contract Mailing) $1/letter (Can Do)
RightSignature (eSignatures for contracts) $15/mo $15/mo (Can Do)
Zapier Free (Can Do)
ClickSend SMS (texting from Podio) $0.01/SMS $0.01/SMS (Can Do)
Total $39/mo $59 -$104/mo Contact for Pricing


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